Consumer SmartHome experience with power optimization methods

We are master to optimise your electric bill by 50%

  • Disconnected sensors, plugs, bulbs, thermostats, gateways
  • Fragmented App and controls
  • Age-group, children and grandma are left out
  • Network Access
  • Network access for all sensors
  • Always on network?
  • Siloed Commercial Solution
  • Unaddressed requirements for NetZero,
    Title 24 – Building Management Systems Integration
  • SmartCity Scale, missing inter-operability
  • Business Models based on Monetizing Data
  • Smarthome data activity is ‘shared’, mistrust on CloudPlatforms

SmartDomus Home Infrastructure Experience

– Devices offer off-line as well as on-line/connected experience

– Unified app to command all devices, with 3rd party devices

– Alexa/Google Home ready, SmartCity DataApi Integration –

Network Access/Security – WiFi access points available with variable RF power to provide adequate coverage

– WiFi access point runs MAC-Level security and provides additional network isolation

– Power Analytics – Dis-aggregate power consumption per control switch

– Power savings profile recommendations based on usage and human presence – Subscription

– ‘Smarthome as a service’ provides ongoing revenue for cloud services and future models